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Vigilant Camera System

Your Smart Wildfire Smoke Detection System

Community Wildfire Protection

Protect your family, community, and property with an affordable, smart wildfire smoke detection system. Vigilant uses simple, low cost hardware paired with an advanced detection algorithm running on the cloud to notify you and emergency services of fire threats. 

Why is it important? Early detection means more time to react, control fires, and evacuate. Our mission is to ensure early, automated smoke detection in all vulnerable communities, making this essential technology accessible to everyone.

How does it work? Using cost-effective 12 megapixel sensors and advanced cloud-based AI algorithms, Vigilant captures images every minute, analyzing them in real-time for signs of smoke. Instant notifications are sent to both property owners and local emergency services.

Who can benefit? You, your neighbors, your community, your employer, your business – everyone! Vigilant offers affordable plans tailored to your needs, whether you're an individual homeowner, part of a community group like an HOA or FireWise community, or a commercial entity.

Stay tuned for more updates as we revolutionize wildfire protection together with Vigilant!

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