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About Us

Revolutionizing Disaster Response

Our Approach

Ember Flash Aerospace's innovative approach to addressing the growing threat of climate disasters is focused on providing more than just tools, but comprehensive solutions

Guided by our customer's needs and our experienced team of fire and emergency service professionals, our aerospace and software engineers are building the future of disaster response. From our off-grid wildfire monitoring system, Vigilant, to our ultra-long endurance UAS sensor platform, Vigilant Sky, we believe technology must be accessible, deployable, and approachable. Data alone isn't enough to make informed decisions and can be overwhelming in dynamic disaster situations. Using affordable, robust, ubiquitous data collection and AI/ML tools, such as machine vision and large language models (LLM's), realtime-multichannel information can be used to save lives and protect property and infrastructure. Our commitment to revolutionizing climate disaster response was forged in the 2020 California CZU wildfire that burned our communities. Don't wait for your community to be threatened, follow our page, invest in our vision, and contact us to become part of the solution.