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Why Purple Circles?

Why Purple?

Significance in Aviation: Purple holds a special place in the world of aviation. On aviation maps, it's used to denote special airspace with unique flight requirements. This color signals caution, heightened awareness, and the need for thorough preparation. For pilots, encountering purple on their charts is a cue to stay alert and understand the complexities ahead.

Symbolism: Beyond its aviation roots, purple is a color steeped in symbolism. It's often associated with creativity, wisdom, dignity, and ambition. These qualities resonate with Emberflash's ethos, reflecting our blend of innovative spirit and deep knowledge.

Unity of Blue and Red: Purple, a blend of blue and red, symbolizes a balance between the vastness of the sky (blue) and the urgency of fire emergencies (red). This harmony encapsulates the core mission of Emberflash, bridging the gap between skyward aspirations and grounded realities.

Our choice of purple is a constant reminder of our dedication to safety, innovation, and the profound understanding required in the realms of disaster response and aviation.

EFA Purple 26-01-1